Foundations of change

A region-wide approach to improving natural resource management is needed to achieve the goal of the RCS. The approach in this RCS recognises that the community is the single most important agent of change in natural resource management. Even though funds are essential for achieving this change, it will not occur unless the community is motivated and engaged. Taking this into account, this RCS has identified four key elements that will provide the foundations for developing and implementing the detailed action plans required to achieve the natural resource management objectives identified in this strategy.

Increased breadth and depth of participation

Participation in the protection, enhancement and restoration of natural resources by landholders, community, industry and agencies has increased.

Natural resource management partnerships have grown and existing partnerships are adequately supported. 

Increased investment and development of joint priorities

The aggregate investment to protect, enhance and restore the region’s natural resources has increased. 

Joint priorities for investment in the protection of natural resources are identified and pursued. 

Working in partnership with Traditional Owner groups on natural resource management projects that are a priority to their Country Plans.

Improved integration and coordination

Natural resource management partnerships have matured and the region’s partners are working collaboratively to achieve effective integrated catchment management.

Investment is targeted to the protection of high value natural resources with feasible and cost effective solutions.

Increased and widely shared knowledge.

Knowledge of the region’s natural resources and how to protect, restore and enhance them has increased, resulting in improved practices.

The connection of Traditional Owners to land is respected and planning and activities are informed by their skills and knowledge.

Improved knowledge of the impacts of climate change is used to review the objectives and actions to protect natural resources