Land Priority Directions

The following priority directions have been developed to deliver the 6 year outcomes identified for the Land Theme. They were developed through community consultation across the the nine Landscape Systems and will provide the basis for localised action. Landscape specific priority directions can be found here.

Priority DirectionLeadCollaborators
Develop and implement a monitoring and evaluation framework that enables timely adaptive management and decision making. The framework will allow for:
1) accessible monitoring frameworks and repository of the region’s NRM resource data
2) develop measures and assessments to determine the community’s awareness of the natural values, their connection to these and their willingness to protect, enhance, and restore these
3) reporting to the community on implementation progress.
CCMACPA Partners
Best land management practice approaches are implemented across farmers, agencies, developers, and the catchment communityCCMAAgVic, Landcare
Collaboration and effective relationships ensure agencies, the farming industry and other stakeholders successfully respond to changing circumstances.CCMAAgVic, SFS, WVD, Landcare
Ensure engagement and information meets the demographics and needs of Corangamite Communities.LandcareCCMA, AgVic, Local Govt
Develop targets to enable a baseline that enables net gain to be measured.CCMAAgVic, CeRDI
Land use change including urban expansion does not occur to the detriment of biodiversity and other natural assets.Local GovtCCMA, DELWP
Apply the CCMA’s Irrigation Development Guidelines to ensure new irrigation developments do not have adverse off-site impacts such as waterlogging, salinity and nutrient dischargeCCMASRW
Support farmers with information and tools to build resilienceAgVicSFS, WVD, CCMA
Support agriculture to manage climate riskAgVicSFS, WVD, CCMA