Traditional Owner Acknowledgement

Aboriginal peoples have lived in the area now known as the Corangamite region for thousands of generations. The land, biodiversity and waterways of the region are living and integrated natural entities and the Traditional Owners are seen as the ‘voice of these living entities’.

We acknowledge their Ancestors and Elders, past and present.

  • We will integrate Aboriginal engagement and participation in the planning, governance, implementation and review of our programs and projects.
  • Our people will be actively supported to engage Aboriginal communities and to build partnerships.
  • Our Aboriginal engagement and participation approaches will be well planned, tailored, targeted and evaluated.
  • We will provide respectful opportunities for Aboriginal people to contribute to strategies and initiatives.
  • We will work transparently and respectfully with Aboriginal people, and establish clear roles and expectations.
  • We will develop genuine and enduring partnerships.

The two Traditional Owners of the lands within the Corangamite Region are the Wadawurrung and Eastern Maar.

Traditional owners land map in Corangamite region with allocations between Eastern Maar, and Wadaurrung.
Map showing traditional owner land in the Corangamite region with Eastern Maar having claims to the southwest and Wadawurrung to the northeast