Communities Priority Directions

The following priority directions have been developed to deliver the 6 year outcomes identified for the Regional Communities sub-theme. They were developed through community consultation across the the nine Landscape Systems and will provide the basis for localised action. Priorities for Traditional Owners have been developed in conjunction with, and parallel to, this to enable the Wadawurrung and Eastern Maar to specifically identify their aspirations on their own dedicated pages. Landscape specific priority directions can be found here.

Priority DirectionLeadCollaborators
Develop and implement a monitoring and evaluation framework that enables timely adaptive management and decision making. The framework will allow for:
1) accessible monitoring frameworks and repository of the region’s NRM resource data
2) develop measures and assessments to determine the community’s awareness of the natural values, their connection to these and their willingness to protect, enhance, and restore these
3) reporting to the community on implementation progress.
CCMACPA Partners, Landcare
Ensure community education and engagement activities are grounded in the most recent and relevant social research available, and targeted to the specific local geographic area.CCMALandcare
Promote a culture of exchange that enables the sharing of resources, experiences and knowledge.LandcareCCMA, AgVic, SFS, WVD, Local Govt, EMAC, WTOAC
Design and deliver a comprehensive education program to connect communities (local, new and visitor) to their local landscape and the enviromental services it provides and empower them to take action.CCMALandcare
Encourage and enable community participation (volunteering) in on-ground environmental works to restore and protect environmental assets.LandcareLocal Govt, CCMA
Actively celebrate and share the stories of success and impact of communities improving their local environment.LandcareCCMA
Catchment partners work together to deliver a coordinated approach to supporting communities to participate in environmental programs.CCMALandcare
Support Traditional Owner groups so that we can maintain enduring and genuine partnerships.CCMAEMAC, WTOAC
Engage with the community on the need to mitigate and adapt to climate change and its impacts.CCMALandcare, DELWP, AgVic
Promote and actively encourage the use of citizen science information by agencies, researchers and other members of the community.CCMADELWP
Encourage and support citizen scientists to continue to regularly monitor the quality of natural environments to provide long-term data sets and actively manage issues as they arise.CCMALocal Govt, Landcare