Local Areas

Landscape Systems

The Corangamite region is a large and diverse area ranging from Ballarat in the north to Geelong in the east to Camperdown in the west. The diversity of the landscapes, land use, climate and people across this area requires different management approaches to cope with this diversity.

Within these local areas consideration of important matters such as planning; land use change; landscape values; climate change; sustainable agriculture; water and land use planning; resilient and livable cities and towns; recreational use; demographic changes and so on need to be considered and where necessary, addressed.

To meet the needs of this diversity, nine sub-regional areas (landscape systems) have been identified and will provide the basis of localised, integrated action. A map of the Corangamite region’s Landscape Systems and links to all nine systems are provided below.

Corangamite Landscape Systems

As outlined on the Home page, the Regional Catchment Strategy provides the framework for integrated management of the region’s natural resources. The Strategy itself does not include specific actions, but provides the basis for the development of on-ground actions that are guided by the Priority Directions for each landscape system. Landscape system based programs that involve all relevant partners and stakeholders provide the basis for on-ground coordinated projects that deliver the six year (life of strategy) outcomes and contribute to its longer term (20 year) aspirational outcomes. The process for implementing these is provided below.