The Corangamite region provides a variety of options for prospective investors to resource projects that meet their various needs. The basis for this prospectus is to identify potential projects that are currently unfunded through existing programs. The Corangamite Regional Catchment Strategy renewal process and its associated on-going delivery plans identify where investment would enhance the delivery of the desired outcomes at a regional, landscape or property level.

An aim of this prospectus is to strengthen the role of the RCS as a conduit for substantial regional partner, Australian Government, private sector and philanthropic funding being secured for the integrated catchment priorities of the Corangamite region.

Investment Principles

This is the region’s fourth Regional Catchment Strategy (RCS), building on 20 years of achievements and lessons learnt and was renewed using the following principles: 

  • An integrated catchment management (ICM) approach. 
  • Regional ownership – embracing the regional delivery model, including co-delivery from committed partners. 
  • Blending of a systems approach with asset based approach that enables the management at a local scale through the use of systems, while assessing assets and their management contribution to policy and strategies at a regional scale. 
  • Built on strong community engagement and stakeholders partnerships. 
  • Regard for Aboriginal cultural values and traditional ecological knowledge. 
  • Triple bottom line approach considering socio-cultural, economic and environmental factors. 
  • Evidence-based, supported by best available information via science and defendable data sources as well as application of relevant planning, implementation and delivery systems  

When making decisions on how best to invest in projects that will contribute to the RCS the following principles will guide the decision-making process:

  • Contribution to the RCS outcomes – the work to be undertaken can demonstrate how it will contribute to RCS outcomes. 
  • Public benefit –activities are considered to provide a significant public outcome, which would not occur otherwise 
  • Efficiency – targets activities for maximum return on investment and encourage projects to leverage other sources of funding to capitalise on opportunities and strengthen community buy-in. 
  • Collaboration –promotes effective collaboration between landholders, communities, traditional owners, delivery partners, stakeholders, and agencies, to harness their knowledge and energy 
  • Integration – has the potential to integrate natural resource management planning and delivery across Landscape Systems, issues, industry sectors and government agencies, to provide community and environmental benefits. 
  • Adaptive management – builds upon past success, along with opportunities for learning and informing processes that support future investment decisions.  
  • Regional coordination/delivery – organises project delivery at the regional scale to ensure effective regional level outcomes that contribute to state-wide outcomes.  
  • Accountability – can clearly demonstrate management systems, governance models and ethical practices 

The following map outlines the Landscape Systems of the Corangamite region.

Corangamite Landscape Systems map

The following table provides a summary of projects seeking investment:

Project nameProponentTheme(s)Project DescriptionRLP OutcomeLandscape SystemLink to project
BioLinks BrushTail PhascogaleParks VictoriaBiodiversityBiolinks for Phascogales” will target the Rowsley / Parwan Creek area, from the Brisbane Ranges National Park through to the Werribee Gorge State Park (Ingliston Block), enhancing and establishing habitat for Brush-tailed Phascogales to traverse through.Northern Uplandsview on map
West Moorabool Waterway Protection and EnhancementCentral Highlands WaterWaterThe project establishes buffers to waterways that provide environmental, social and economic values to our community. Northern Uplandsview on map
Central Highlands Water Revegetation OpportunitiesCentral Highlands WaterBiodiversityPotential Revegetation Project sites

Northern Uplandsview on map
Sparrovale Revegetation Phase 2aCity of Greater GeelongBiodiversityRevegetating grassy woodland EVC
Bellarine and Surf Coastview on map
Sparrovale Revegetation Phase 2bCity of Greater GeelongBiodiversityRevegetating old fill site with native grassesBellarine and Surf Coastview on map
Stony Rises WetlandsCorangamite Catchment Management AuthorityWaterA wetland tender program that targets wetlands listed as ‘Wetlands of National Importance’ within the Stony Rises.Western District Lakesview on map
Barwon River Estuary – A Journey Through the LandscapeBarwon Coast Committee of ManagementCommunityWill engage and strengthen understanding on cultural and environmental values and impacts in the Lower Barwon EstuaryBellarine and Surf Coastview on map
Corangamite Fishway Program – Barwon/MooraboolCorangamite Catchment Management AuthorityWaterInstream barrier prioritisation for stream connectivityMultipleview on map
Seeding the Victorian Volcanic PlainsCorangamite Catchment Management AuthorityBiodiversity2-part private land stewardship program building on the strengths of GEW Stewardship Program (2020-2023) and establishing a new Natural Temperate Grasslands and Seasonal Herbaceous Wetlands Stewardship Program.4Basalt Plainsview on map

The following tabs provide access to where project proposals can be viewed spatially by prospective investors.

Whole of Region

The following link provides the user with a spatial view of prospective projects for the entire Corangamite Region