Coast and Marine Priority Directions

The following priority directions have been developed to deliver the 6 year outcomes identified for the Coast and Marine Theme. They were developed through community consultation across the the nine Landscape Systems and will provide the basis for localised action. Landscape specific priority directions can be found here.

Priority DirectionLeadCollaborators
Develop and implement a monitoring and evaluation framework that enables timely adaptive management and decision making. The framework will allow for:
1) accessible monitoring frameworks and repository of the region’s NRM resource data
2) develop measures and assessments to determine the community’s awareness of the natural values, their connection to these and their willingness to protect, enhance, and restore these
3) reporting to the community on implementation progress.
CCMACPA Partners
Build research and knowledge, including Traditional Owner knowledge of coastal / marine systems and threatening processes to inform adaptive management and mitigation.CCMAEMAC, WTOAC, DELWP
Manage upstream impacts to mitigate impacts on the coastal and marine environments.CCMAAgVic, DELWP, Local Govt, Landcare
Regularly monitor the quality of the coastal environment to establish a baseline, identify change, and actively manage issues as they arise.DELWPCCMA, GORA, Local Govt, EPA, Landcare/Community Groups
Explore carbon sequestration opportunities to deliver both climate and catchment/biodiversity benefits.CCMAUniversities, DELWP
Review relevant strategies and action plans to identify and reduce stressors on coastal and marine environments.DELWPCCMA, GORA, BB, BC, Local Govt
Support Original Custodians (Traditional Owners) to manage the marine and coastal environment and to share cultural knowledge.CCMADELWP, EMAC, WTOAC, GORA
Participate in the development and implementation of a process for the provision of coastal erosion advice for long term planning, management and adaptation.DELWPCCMA, GORA, BB, BC, Local Govt
Ensure planning for development considers, minimises and where possible avoids adversely impacting waterways, salt marsh vegetation, coastal sand dunes and beaches.Local GovtCCMA, DELWP, GORA