Eastern Maar Welcome to Country

Maar languageEnglish meaning
Ngatanwarr.Together body and Country, we know long time.
Ngeerang meerreeng-an.(We see all of you), greeting.
Peepay meerreeng-an.Mother my Country.
Kakayee meerreeng-an.Father my Country.
Wartee meerreeng-an.Sister my Country.
Maara-wanoong, laka.Brother my Country.
Wanga-kee-ngeeye.We are the Maar speaking Peoples. Hear us.
Meereeng-ngeeye, pareeyt, nganpeeyan, weeyn, wooroot, poondeeya-teeyt.Our Country is water, air, fire, trees, life.
Meerreeng-ngeeye, nhakateeyt, woorroong, leehnan, mooroop, keerray.Our Country is thought, language, heart, soul, blood.
Meerreeng-ngeeye, thookay-ngeeye, pareeyt pareeyt ba waran waran-ngeeye, wangeeyarr ba wangeet – ngeeye, maar ba thanampool-ngeeye, Ngalam Meen-ngeeye, mooroop-ngeeye.Our Country is our Children, our youth, our Elders, our men and women, our Ancestors, our spirit.
Meerreeng-ngeeye Maar, Maar meerreeng.Our Country is Maar, Maar is Country.

Wamba-wanoong yaapteeyt-oo, leerpeeneeyt-ngeeye, kooweekoowee-ngeeye nhakapooreepooree-ngeeye, keeyan-ngeeye Wamba-wanoong nhoonpee yaapteeyt-oo, tyama-takoort meerreeng.
We bring to the light our songs, our stories, our vision, our love.
We bring these things to the light so All can know Country.
Peetyawan weeyn Meerreeng, nhaka Meerreeng, keeyan Meerreeng, nganto-pay ngootyoonayt meerreeng.To care for Country. To think about Country. To love Country. To protect Country.
Kooweeya-wanoong takoort meerreeng-ee ba watanoo Meerreng-ngeeye, yana-thalap-ee ba wanga-kee Meerreeng laka.We invite all that choose to live on or visit our Country to slow down. To tread softly and listen to Country speak. 
Ngeetoong keeyan-ngeen Meerreeng, Meerreeng keeyan ngooteen.
If you love Country, Country will love you.